Back Pack Chocolate

$225.00 $245.00

One of our best selling items: the Jamby stix back pack. This versatile bag can convert from a backpack to a shoulder bag in a few seconds. Ideal for when you need to access items in your bag while you're on the go, but still want to comfortably wear it while you're walking.  

- Measurements approx H/34CM W/30CM D/15CM
- Adjustable straps to switch from shoulder bag to back pack
- Inner pockets (with and without zip) for cards and small items
- Main compartment zip fastened
- Unique rayon lining
- 100% leather

* To convert from side pack to back pack: place your hands between both buckles on the top of either side of the bag (one hand on the left side - one hand on the right side). Gentle pull the leather straps to the side to cause the top of the bag to round up. This will result in long enough straps that will allow you to wear the bag on your back. 
**To convert from back pack to side pack: place thumb and index finger below the point where both silver buckles on the top of the bag meet (create a ring with your fingers that "hooks" onto the bag, right in between the buckles). Gently pull the leather straps up and allow the full length to flow trough the buckles to form the shoulder strap.